Developing next generation bio-therapeutic molecules to diagnose, manage and treat the onset and progression of coagulation disorders.

We call our new synthetic molecules Chimeras.  By fusing different proteins via synthetic linkers, we create molecules with super activity and new biological functions.  They can then be used to identify genetic alterations in plasma, such as Protein C deficiency and Factor V Leiden (aPC-resistance).  Coagulation disorders are the leading cause of death worldwide - Chimeras offer an innovative new solution.



In clinical tests, our Chimeras detected Protein C and Factor V Leiden mutations in patients' plasma.


Chimeras were fast, more accurate and more stable than the competition. They are the first-in-class thrombomodulin-independent protein C activators.



Our Chimeras are synthetically manufactured at high-yield, high-purity and low-cost. We have limitless production in stable cell lines with a scalable, reproducible method.

The Team

Nicola Pozzi, PhD
Co-founder and CEO

Christine Allison, MBA

Daniel O'Brien, MD, MBA
VP Business Development

Sergio Barranco-Medina, PharmD, PhD
Co-founder and CSO

Kathy Crowley, PhD



Luis Jimenez, MBA
Board of Managers

Barbara Hawatmeh Pozzi, JD, LLM

Lu Alleruzzo, MBA